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Blogs in January 2016

Picture of lightbulbs in a row.


Three Simple Ways to Organize Lights

Any size light bulb

Organize your household lights using an all-in-one container found at a local hardware or department store.  You can create a do-it-yourself light bulb...Read more

A technician in a blue shirt flipping a switch on a breaker box.

You take the electricity in your home for granted, but if something goes wrong, you need to know how to read and use your electrical panel. You may normally avoid this mysterious gray metal box, afraid that messing with it could...Read more

Picture of bad electrical wiring, cut in the middle.

What have you done so far to start the new year off right? If you’ve launched a new diet and exercise program – and stuck with it this long – good for you! Other than personal resolutions, you can also strive to make your home safer in 2016.

Is your electrical wiring up to code? If you...Read more